SilverPop is a digital marketing software designed specifically for email and automated marketing. SilverPop was founded in 1999 in Atlanta and was acquired under the IBM umbrella in 2014. SilverPop has about 1,600 customers, about 4,400 brands and over 15,500 marketers, including partners and those from the agency.  It acquired the Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award, for its contribution to Marketing Automation Software. The company had its initial start with email marketing; however by 2007, after being acquired by Vtrenz, it tried its ropes in the marketing automation industry.

Initially the company mostly favored B2C, however now it is starting to favor both markets. Even though the company has maintained some of its SMB customers, its larger target audience is the middle markets and enterprise organizations. Silver Pop’s marketing software may be a rung to the ladder to get ahead for those who desire to turn away from stand-alone email options.  The highest amount of customers can be found in retail, tech, finance, travel & hospitality as well as publishing.

SilverPop Rebranding

The company used to offer about 2 marketing automation systems when they initially acquired SilverPop, however that does not remain the case anymore. Formerly known as ‘engage’, IBM Marketing Cloud is now a digital email based marketing and automation system that offers mature on – demand options. They further lead in form – based acquisitions, nurture, and email-based marketing, analytics as well as scoring.


IBM Marketing Cloud provides seamless and easy integration options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This integration option is advertised and pushed to customers with specific and sophisticated campaign requirements or those who have larger volumes of data in email or huge transaction volumes and databases.

Services Offered

The company offers the following services to its customers, it includes;

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing.
  • Lead scoring etc.

Marketing Campaigns

IBM Marketing Cloud offers methods which help in reusing content blocks and creates easy to use templates which are designed specifically to ease the burden off of constant updates. There are other features which are offered, include data collection features, progressive profiling on social media as well as atypical data collection with pop-in applications.

Email Marketing

IBM Marketing’s Automation systems are able to identify and define requirements and preferences based on the given customer demographic and behavioral attributes. This given data is one which is collected through emails, surveys, and web analytics. The lists which are extracted can be both static and dynamic. The marketing tool offers other ease – of – access options such as Send Time Optimization. This option automates delivery dates for messages and emails and is completely customizable based on user preferences and requirements. IBM Marketing Cloud further has the option and capability to record when customers open the given emails.  This helps gage inbox habits. IBM Marketing Cloud possesses professional teams who maintain strong relationships with customers and manage ISP’s. This ensures that intended distributions of the selected targets.

Lead Scoring

IBM Marketing Cloud offers a number of capabilities which include; multiple visual scoring models, visitor] intent based activities, the inclusion of explicit (demographic based) and implicit (behavioral based) data, the permission of negative scores, assess caption rankings, etc.

CRM Integration

IBM Marketing Cloud offers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM is supported more strongly whereas the other CRM integration options which are available, with IBM Marketing Cloud, include Scribe. These platforms are essentially important for data mapping and transfer. It enables users to collect email templates which are ready to use, for a deeper understanding of the lead and the options for nurturing its nurture campaigns and history.

IBM Marketing Cloud Technology

IBM Marketing Cloud is a smaller clientele which offers a multi-tenet based database. This could be an issue with security for some for the data is shared on a commonly shared platform.  This marketing tool and software is powered by Microsoft SQL’s Server and offers multiple integration options such as Adobe Genesis, Whereoware, Webtrends, ClickTale, Coremetrics, etc.

Pricing & Plans

IBM Marketing Cloud charges customers about 10% of their monthly fees which is capped at about $500 / month, for customer support. For a data base with about 100,000 leads and fully featured, costs about $2,500 / month. However, the sample price quoted may vary and direct communication with IBM Marketing Cloud is recommended.

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