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Sales Cloud Integration

Salesforce allows saying “No Software” but connects your business with millions of servers that people can access without installing any programs

How Salesforce Integration Works?

Salesforce provides the best Cloud based CRM around the world, allowing to have access your CRM from anywhere with any other existing application system is like a dream comes true for every business wants the sales and marketing mechanism properly aligned. It is very important that the Salesforce CRM is appropriately integrated with your operational applications so that you can have higher level of efficiency in order to achieve best results.

Why Us?

Digital Klouds can assist you in integrating your applications which can be helpful in:
• Forwarding Salesforce new contact information
• Creating data, updating it, deletion of any records or even retrieving it
• Updating records automatically
• Accessibility of creating multiple objects within the same Salesforce
Our team of professionals at Digital Klouds can securely perform all types of integration specially the core pain areas for most of our clients which are:
Security Integration
To Integrate full proof mechanism of across applications in order to enhance user experience and to also reduce end user administration.
Data Integration
Our experts can easily integrate an open API to multiple of your applications even if they are not programmed on any single language so that related data can be managed on single shared database.
Integration of Business Logic
Business logic usually extends to various other application systems. Expansion of one business logic and merging it into another one can get complex in which our team can assist you fully.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes the services of developing your brand, business loyalty, connecting with the potential customers, expending your business canvas and so on. Tailor-made Social Media Marketing strategy boosts your business in world of internet mystery.
User interface
Our team can also have your two or more than that User Interface apps syndicated so as to create a fused application with very little or no hassle at all on each of the individual UI application.

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