SEMrush is an intelligent and competitive intelligence suite for online marketing purposes as well as video advertising research from SEO and PPC. It has a database of about 28 countries, which makes research a breeze. It comes with 28 advanced features which are geared and specifically designed to boost marketing practices. It offers a wide variety of keyword optimization features that are guaranteed to boost a website’s viewer count off the charts. It is one of the most popular options for competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO fixtures, as well as social media scheduling. The company aids in the following;

  1. Help, find and fix website issues, broken links, metadata etc.
  2. Research options on backlines.
  3. Aids in content planning.
  4. Provides a great library for video research.
  5. Helps in producing adds for product listings.

SEMrush Features

As a content creator or manager, it is important to know about the services worth investing in, therefore opting for the 14 day free trial that SEMrush offers is crucial to understanding the service and its features, and validating whether or not it is a good fit. It offers a number of facilities that novices, in particular, will find appealing and attractive. They include;

  1. Website Analysis.
  2. Organic keywords.
  3. Backlink.
  4. Search Positions Organically.

This service gives companies a brief overview of how their website is serving, as compared to its other competitors. By pressing Domain analytics an overview of the condition of the website is visible. The organic search button provides information on the usage and statistics of keywords. With blacklinks, customers can understand the number of domains, the types and the percentage of the follow and no follow links as well. Customers can further download states in a pdf version for future referencing.

Pricing & Packages

Customers who avail SEMrush facilities have two payment options to consider, monthly as well as yearly. A monthly pro subscription for SEMrush pro is at around $100 / month, even after increasing pricing since January 2017 it is still priced competitively as compared to other options.

There are 2 basic kinds of pricing packages available, the pro plan is ideal for startups and small blogs, the guru package is best suited for business owners and solo entrepreneurs. The business package however, is best suited for bigger companies and marketing/ advertising agencies.

  • Monthly Billing
  • Annual Billing

Web Traffic & SEMrush

It is important to differentiate between organic and inorganic data. Both play a crucial role in the marketing sector. It is possible that data will show flow towards a particular website, when in actuality, customers merely looked over basic information through Google.

Identify Competitors

One of the biggest selling points of SEMrush is that it allows companies access to competitor data, in essence the biggest idea inferred from that is to understand what companies are doing better and to produce greater results than tem with a fresher approach. To check information, users can find the competitor’s button in the analytics tab. Specific information, like the keywords used by competitors is also available to cliental, which helps in making sound decisions and helps find a way to attract traffic towards their content by creating content which target the given search terms.

SEO Audit

SEMrush offers customers an on-site error auditing service. Users can easily navigate between technical SEO errors and on-page SEO errors. SEMrush is a user friendly marketing tool and therefore scanning for SEO errors is an easy task. Customers can select up to the desired amount of pages and run a scan. Depending on the amount of pages, the scanning length may vary. After the overall scan is complete the service provides a detailed report of overall SEO health with percentages and highlighted text which contain errors. Not only that but the marketing tool also provides a list of errors which might be hurting SEO.

Advertising & Monetizing Options

Many bloggers tend to monetize their blogs for an extra flow of income, however, it can be quite expensive and exhausting trying to find advertisers and sponsors. Many blogs and companies affiliate themselves with sources like Google AdWords however this can get relatively expensive. SEMrush makes it easy for content managers to monetize their webpages. It works by acting as a bridge between advertisers and content managers. The service looks up advertisers who are willing to pay to host advertisements on a particular website, based on that website’s choice of keywords.

SEO Checker

This is a new option SEMrush has pushed out; it is easily the most future proof and convenient service. With this, customers can heck fi their content complies with the on page and off-page SEO requirements. Whether it is relevancy, meta description and other bits like title etc. After SEMrush analyzes the website, it gives you quick and do-able SEO optimization tips to better curate the content.


  1. Weekly webinars on SEO and PPC etc. tutorials.
  2. Easily interpretable and connectable with Google Analytics.
  3. 14-day free trial.
  4. Free competitor research tool kit.


  1. No white-label option available. The issue with this is that customers you are working with will come to know the research source.
  2. There are issues with the data obtained. Numbers tend to be higher or lower in certain situations.
  3. Tends to become expensive for novices in the digital marketing world.

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