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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM is the brain child of Salesforce. It came into being as part of the company’s sales and marketing solutions initiative. They offer separate systems for marketing, community cloud, and analytics. The CRM software is a one-stop solution and allows users to track customer data all in one place. This feature allows for extensive expansion and a boost in productivity for all sales teams.

Why Choose Salesforce?

Salesforce allows users to curate and manage detailed reports which aid in managing reports on potential and existing customers. Salesforce is a single solution for all business sizes, from multinational companies to small startups. Salesforce offers a specific version of their software for smaller businesses which is called “Salesforce Essentials”. It helps in managing customer relationships and helps businesses flourish and grow.  Salesforce is not just a single communication platform but it also provides insights to prioritize customer insight.

Salesforce has an android and IOS compatible application which makes, working on the go a lot more easily. It provides a ‘feed first’ feature which showcases the most important and relevant data. It showcases real-time data on the dashboard as well. Not only that, but the software let users add on more coveted and exclusive add-ons and plug-ins from their list of applications in “AppExchange”

Integration Options

In an attempt to provide users with complete flexibility, Salesforce integrates with other, external business solution providers including;

  • Zendesk.
  • FinancialForce ERP.
  • TeamSupport.
  • Desk

Features of Salesforce

Salesforce offers its users a plethora of user friendly services to manage time more efficiently, create ease of access and make the software more user friendly. They include.

  1. Reminder systems – calendar reminders etc.
  2. Online storage facility for documents.
  3. Email marketing options
  4. Leader board- leads management
  5. Internal chatting system, which is fully integrated.
  6. Proposals and quotes
  7. Software mitigation and task assignment.
  8. Territory management.

Actively Scouts for Deals

Salesforce’s CRM is made to create a productive and smooth work environment. Its main goal is finding customers, grow accounts and stability, as well as close deals with ease. Using the software’s Opportunity Management, customers can avail insights into the industry of their choosing. It provides a comprehensive research basis, like the customer’s activity history, social mentions, and discussions. Keeping tabs on ongoing deals and finding information which competes against the environment has been made easier with the Sales Collaboration module initiated through the software for encouraging maximum productivity. The goal results obtained through the program are extensive and even available in metrics. This creates a friendly competitive scenario to motivate workers.

Scouts for & Maintain Leads

The software cuts down many issues which are normally found in sales cycles, by automating many of the features available. It creates and curates campaigns, tracks clicks made to the site, manages sales data, leads management and automates marketing. This is all possible through the Partner Management App which creates a follow the able roadmap. From lead to conversion/ output.

Accelerates Productivity

The presence of the mobile application, for both Android and IOS make tracking productivity and keeping tabs on situation very easily. Users can further, easily manage tasks and workflow through personal comforts and react quickly to emergency situations.

Plans & Pricing

The company offers customers a free trial period before they have to pay to avail services. This is a good feature for the skeptics and for those who wish to see if the software will benefit them and this business.  There are 4 plans in total which are being offered by the company and prices range from $25-$300 / month. The price range is dynamic and can easily prove useful for people with many financial allowances.


  1. Ease of use & user friendly.
  2. Quality customer support.
  3. Great value for money.
  4. Time management features.
  5. Great application store
  6. 10 free licenses.
  7. High customizability.


  1. Annual license cost reaching 7%.
  2. Aggressive sales push from the salesforce marketing team.
  3. High add-on costs.
  4. Paradox integration plug-in issues,
  5. Steep software learning curve.

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