Prestashop E-Commerce Platform

Prestashop E-Commerce Platform

PrestaShop is an international shopping cart solution, launched in 2007. The company’s home base in Paris, France, with offices in many other countries around the world. PrestaShop has a large employee base, with 1,000+ employees, offering services in many different languages to their large customer base. The company has around 270,000 stores, worldwide.


It is an open source application available free to use and download. However, even though the service is free to use, there are a couple of fees to consider, one of them being web hosting which needs to be opted for independently, as well as several patches and modules to integrate if users wish to avail advanced options.

Another possible price hike is a consideration in case users have limited or knowledge of developing, in which case they will be required to hire a specific developer and graphic artist. Pricing for PrestaShop varies on a number of circumstances. Modules and add-ons for PrestaShop come at a high price. To integrate with other online shopping websites, customers can find themselves paying a sizable chunk of cash as well.

Prestashop Ready

An easier, user-friendly option to the generic service being offered, is ‘PrestaShop Ready’. It is an entry-level option and therefore it still has time to catch up with some of the current contenders offering better services with web hosted CMS systems. PrestaShop Ready is not a free service by any means, it requires customers to subscribe to a monthly plan, currently, there is only one option available, it includes;

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Open source and free.
  • The high amount of users.


  • Expensive customer support options.
  • Not suitable for those without developing skills.
  • Limited integration options.
  • Web hosting not offered.

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