Best platforms for Voice Search or Input

Best platforms for Voice Search or Input

Best platforms for Voice Search or Input

The technological development provides the opportunity to make life more digitalized and the recent trending in the search optimization is the voice search that makes people to remember their old-school science fiction fantasy. In the childhood age of the most of the technologists may have dreamt to talk to the computer and to give it some verbal instructions or to have a conversation with a computer but the modernization now literally assist people not only to ask questions but also allow to search through verbal instructions to an internet-connected device with voice-recognition technology.

Digital Assistant For Voice Search

Your voice search digital assistant guides you to find the directions, make you awake at your desired time, remind you the task you decided to do earlier, and many more things you just cannot imagine through Apple HomePod, Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon Alexa. The pattern of the modern life is mostly dependent of the digital technology and day-by-day the technology grows, the dependency seems increasing more and more as the digital assistant may take the most vital role in human life like the GPS and text-messaging tools.

An example of voice technology that a man in a TV commercial locked his house through voice instructions, who later involved in a mugging incident outside that left his mouth swollen causing a rather changed voice. He could not be able to open the door through voice instruction because the swollen mouth caused a changed pitch of the voice and the voice mechanism of the house could not identify the voice to receive instructions. The commercial has some funny elaborations of the voice input technology that most of the instructions were misinterpreted by the system causing a chaos in working phenomena.

Google Assistant

Google has introduced a user-friendly multi-purpose device with HD technology smart display, the newest categories of devices make your home smarter and digital. In fact, the Google Assistant provides an interactive screen for the best virtual and augmented experiences, including built-in calendars, maps, YouTube, duo and photos, interestingly everything is managed through voice commands and touch interface. The smart and HD display offers a highly rich experience for the music and entertainment, audiobooks, videos, podcasts and maps, and the joint-venture of voice and a screen gives the users an opportunity to find a perfect song, album, or playlist.

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is an artificial intelligent device to recognize voice messages and instructions given by the users through verbal ways. Amazon’s voice assistant is officially called Amazon or Echo that definitely allows to connect voice enabling devices to receive instructions and suggestions. Amazon’s digital assistant is called Amazon Echo or Alexa that itself has a speaker and a built-in microphone. It needs simple voice or verbal commands to do things like, search on the internet, set reminders, plays music, even do shop on Amazon, controls smart home accessories, and many more functionalities. An estimation tells that Amazon has sold nearly 11 million “Echo” devices, or roughly 70 percent virtual assistant products of the existing market.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana works like the ‘Siri’ Apple’s digital assistant as it reacts the natural language and completes the organizational tasks for end users that including scheduling the calendar events, calculating math problems, converting measurements and money and setting reminders. The Cortana work enables the users to interact with various forms like through setting speech and turn on their location tracker, while the end users would have facilities to know what information Cortana can access. The Cortana has an Application Programming Interface (API) that can work with a variety of Universal Windows applications, including the third-party application, such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of the administrators use the API system to customize their line-of-business or in-house applications to interact with Cortana. Cortana is named after a female artificial intelligence (AI) character in Microsoft’s Halo video game series.

Cortana’s features

The Cortana has ability to initiate the phone calls, read messages, send text and answer the questions through extensive usage of the Bing search engine. The Cortana also offers an active listening feature that allows the user to initiate thing just saying simply, “Hey Cortana” to launch the software program without touching your phone. The Cortana finds files, reads or sends email messages, and opens programs.

Samsung’s Bixby Voice

The Samsung’s Bixby Voice supports you to invoke the voice assistant can just be activated saying, “Hey Bixby” or by holding down the button to get connected. It quite an amazing experience when you are talking to your phone in public, and if you feel awkward or you getting shy of it, you can talk to Bixby by holding your phone up to your ear, like an ordinary phone call. The Bixby is a multi-purpose and highly compatible programming to support the users to get a friendly-interface enabling you to perform various new tasks like sending text messages via the any of the latest Samsung smart phones. That is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous, interesting and complicated features, regarding functionality, of Bixby, that are specifically designed to handle complicated tasks. It can further, open applications in split-screen/ dual screen view, rotate misaligned photos, it has a intutitive AI (artificial intelegence) feature which can remind people about car parking and can even help compose emails as well.

Apple HomePod

The technological geeks are striving for newest technology, resulting productions of latest products and developing of new ideas brings modernization in our society and the latest and hottest trend in the technological world is to give hand-free input in your smart mobile devices and Apple’s Siri is one among many of the voice input devices or programs enabling the users to interact remotely or without any touch interface. Apple’s HomePod has three-dimensional awareness and can adjust things depending upon where in the room it’s placed, this aids in delivering better sound, including echo cancellation as well. It actually readjusts itself every-time someone moves or unplugs it. This is possible due to the built-in accelerometer, which judges this change based upon changes in its location.

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