Eloqua or Oracle marketing cloud, as it is currently called, is cloud-based marketing tool and platform which deals with B2B & B2C related business solutions. It helps marketers target customers across any and all marketing channels. It currently offers, and is made up of, six solutions in general, among which their marketing automation feature stands out and is referred to as ‘oracle Eloqua’.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a marketing tool used to track and monitor buyer sending cycles. It mainly focuses on automotive solutions which are geared specifically towards B2B. It further allows marketers to create multiple campaigns with the data collected, this is achieved through multiple channels for example email, social, web, and mobile, etc. not only that but the results of these conducted campaigns can also be easily calculated using the analytical tool available in the software.

Extensive dynamic journeys of customers can be created with ease using the company’s drag – and -drop feature on the canvas, alongside simultaneous campaign observation through the dashboard.

Integration Options

Oracle Eloqua easily integrates with other enterprise systems, such as CRM and other third-party applications. This is possible because Oracle has partnered with over 500 vendors, this allows them to integrate with over 700 applications of the user’s choosing. Oracle Eloqua offers these options within their given framework, which includes;

  • Oracle content & experiencing.
  • Oracle social cloud
  • Oracle service cloud
  • Oracle content marketing. etc.

Purposes of Using Marketo

Marketo’s marketing tool provides one system for the maintenance of of data and for the execution of marketing campaigns. It is employed for three primary purposes. It includes;

  • To track the effectiveness of marketing programs and overall progress of department-based goals.
  • To generate business leads in a greater volume through tactics such as content marketing, nurturing, and lead scoring.
  • To increase customer engagement through email communication.


Oracle Eloqua offers features which can be grouped into five distinct categories. They include;

  • Segmentation
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment


it allows users to manage and measure customer data through various sources, both while online and offline. They can easily profile data with a single interface by viewing internal, campaign and profile data and external data simultaneously. The feature also gives users an idea of what makes the customers tick by finding their triggers, which they respond timely too, through real-time messages.

Campaign Management

With Oracle Eloqua, there is no more need to employ third-party content creation and management applications, HTML, CSS or other outside support from agencies. Marketers can now easily create responsive emails, and landing pages directly from within Oracle Eloqua. This has become easy due to the drag – and – drop feature. It also contains a built-in whiteboard which allows marketers to monitor and track each phase of the campaign’s process. Not only that but modification of existing steps and pausing them is also an easy feature to employ.

Lead Management

It allows marketers to measure campaigns and their performance by providing access to behavior and profile data without the added involvement of the IT sector. It is time efficient as well for it offers lead scoring models on single contracts, as well as account-based leads.


This tool provides seamless integration with Oracle’s business intelligence tool to facilitate out – of – the – box thinking and reporting aids and an easy dashboard interface. It further provides marketers a measuring framework to monitor campaign performances, among other marketing initiatives in high – end scale. With this knowledge users and companies can fine tune the data received, down to the grain.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Oracle Eloqua has an embedded sales feature which provides collaboration opportunities between the sales and marketing teams. This collaboration allows users to gather Intel and earn new clients and earn more revenue. With this feature, sales representatives can get access to detailed user information and directly send emails which are tracked in order to close deals efficiently. The enablement features are available in the form of plug-ins, available for Microsoft Outlook, Linkedin, PathFactory, Mintigo & through CRM.

Benefits of Oracle Eloqua

There are a number of benefits which are available when users opt for Oracle Eloqua, they include;

  • CRM integration.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Forms and landing pages.
  • Campaign reporting & analytics.
  • Triggered email marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Lead management.
  • Lead nurturing.


There are a total of three packages that the company offers they include;

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Enterprise


  • Great orchestration of campaign management and development.
  • Easy reporting features
  • CRM integration capabilities.
  • Easy to use email & landing page editors
  • Hyperlite builder options


  • Less information and user guides on the reporting tool.
  • High prices.
  • No independent connection during account and contact relationships.
  • No integration option with Google Adwords
  • Lack of good customer support (since the acquisition of Eloqua)
  • Slower implementation time.

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