E-commerce Content Management System (CMS)

E-commerce Content Management System (CMS)

CMS For E-commerce

CMS is a user-friendly software which allows all those with no programming knowledge to successfully and easily, it includes text & multimedia as well. All of this is created using a graphical user interface, which makes navigation a breeze.

Why CMS?

The only way to retain the attention, received by the digital content uploaded, is by curating attractive content which is simultaneously informative and cohesive. Attractive text, images, clipart, videos graphics and media in general, not only serves an aesthetic purpose but is given high preference by search engines. Persistence, planning, and revision are the key concepts to keeping a website alive. This can be quite a tedious job and therefore CMS is essential if one wishes to stay up to date and preferred by search engines.

Influx Of Options

There are vast amounts of options available in terms of choices for CMS based sites. There are more than 350 programs available in the market which offer CMS based services, from simple aids and building tools to enterprise level options. It depends on the individual or the company in question, it is they who must decide the right CMS service to serve their needs.

CMS Purpose

It is employed for a number of uses, mainly to manage tasks more efficiently. Elaborately;

  • To decrease human workload and to digitize and automate repetitive tasks.
  • To allow multi-user input, interface and editing rights. This helps to manage and update content with ease.
  • Allows for a digitized gateway to manage and maintain standards and requirements, set in place by the business.
  • To make content management easy, effective and search engine friendly.

CMS Types

CMS services are mainly of 3 types, it includes;

  1. Web Content Management.
  2. Blogs for Publishing & News.
  3. Social Network Publishing & Maintaining Community Platforms.

Web Content Management

In the day and age of multitasking and competition, maintaining traffic towards a particular website requires persistence. Due to this need, CMS is essential, as it allows businesses to maintain editing rights and a shared workflow. Without content writers on support, behind the scenes, it may be hard to do timely revisions. The most important aspect of web content management is the ability to showcase the content in more than one language, as well as to maintain the rights of users, alongside efficiency in terms of management as well as text search options.

Blogs For Publishing & News

With the current digital trend, there are many websites offering blogging services to companies or independent owners. This kind of website allows as a multi-access point for web content, from a particular company. This is because it allows businesses to link social media handles, offers the option for easy and efficient categorization, as well as flexibility in preparing content. These sites allow mobile editing capabilities as well.

Social Network Publishing & Maintaining Community Platforms

These kinds of sites mostly focus on nurturing user-generated content, for it is a basic requirement when desiring to spread content to large audiences. This is only possible through sites with a larger range of functions. The basic interface is mostly customized, modular and more concentrated.

Open Source Vs Proprietary CMS

Proprietary software is attained with a paid license and is created by a particular business. The source code for this kind of software is not as easily available, as it is for open source software. Open source software is freely marketed and viewable by any and all in essence. Both CMS software’s offer customization options to market set and improve content based on individual requirements.

Open source software curtails no licensing rights which are quite an economical option for small growing businesses. When coming down to whether or not open source options are preferred, both stand on equal footing theoretically for, both open source and propriety CMS software is created by professionals.

Top 5 E-Commerce Content Management Systems



When comparing, there is a clear cut customer divide. From large business or advanced users, to smaller start-ups and newly integrated users. Preferences for both will depend upon the user’s requirements. For larger companies with proper developers and designers on board, Magento Content Management System would be an excellent option. With their 24/7 customer support and detailed web hosting services, it becomes the ideal candidate for e-Commerce stores and websites.


The most user-friendly option for an E-Commerce CMS based system currently is WooCommerce. It offers an easy to use platform; however the fact that they don’t offer web hosting services that can become a hassle for new users.


For non-experienced users, Shopify offers a very transparent billing system and a number of services under the basic version, which is unlike many other E-Commerce CMS systems available.


For those merchants whose business spreads across the globe, PrestaShop may be a better alternative as it offers services in many languages, as well as international and multilingual customer support options. However their limited package options put a dent in their mostly attractive service. The company is planning to curate and come out with more options in the future however.


The service merchants opt for is based upon their personal preference, level of experience, expertise in the field, as well as other factors. One point to take note of however is not to pay for yearly subscription, no matter how attractive they may seem, till users get a good handle of the service and understand its ins and outs.

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