Effective Digital Marketing Techniques

Effective Digital Marketing Techniques


Digital marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all the pieces necessary to curate a successful marketing strategy online. There is a misunderstanding among the older generation that the term ‘digital marketing’ refers to an online Facebook/ social media page or a website. It is, in essence, much more than that.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a foundational part to digital marketing, for it optimizes content, manages the inflow and outflow users as well as, deals in technical set up to make the website in question garner more traffic by appearing on the top of search engine results. SEO enforces the need for user-friendly, comprehensive, and credible content.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization plays an integral role in building recognition for a given website. It is part of a broader digital marketing tactic. Websites which have an increased traffic are not only popular with the masses but also favored by companies, thereby increasing marketing for sponsored products and services. Websites, blogs and other content sites benefit greatly from SEO.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and its newly developing sectors have given rise to a number of labels which are express the need for specialized marketing tactics. It is essential to cater to each type with a separate plan of action. Therefore encompasses a wide variety and includes;

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is the basic driving force of the digital marketing sector. Without sound content, there is nothing to market or advertise to the ever-rising influx of internet users, hence content is considered king and allows sites to gain notoriety and get noticed by the masses. It is through the promise of good quality content that companies can monetize sites with paid ads and sponsorships.

Creating content which aims to inform, educate and inspire may be a time taking tasks but not Herculean in any way. It is well worth the effort because it attracts the audience and urges them to consider you a source of good quality information, not only that but due to this quality, customers are less likely to allow the content site to become irrelevant

The internet is not merely for pleasure but a great digital marketing strategy. Creating content which is easily sharable not only creates ease of access for users but ensures that the given content will spread independently through peer-to-peer sharing. Requiring fewer resources and work for the content creators in the long run.

Email Marketing

Emailing is a decade long digital marketing tool employed by many digital marketers, for it allows direct communication and reaches customers personally. The reason for this is that emails have become a necessity in today’s day and age. Thus using them as a marketing strategy is an obviously employed concept. However the content which is marketed cannot simply be user friendly but also engaging, informative and entertaining. They must also be curated in a way so as not to seem intrusive or b discarded as spam. Every successful marketing strategy has to encompass a certain number of qualities and attributes; trustworthiness, coordinative across channels, consistency and relevancy.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have turned from a luxury to a necessity in today’s day and age. It is a perfect digital marketing specimen which many companies readily employ. It is extremely personal and allows for a direct communication line between the company and the customer/ user. Mobile-based marketing is a concept which is second nature to many digital marketing companies.

It is also a very versatile medium to market. From SMS/MMS marketing to online ads, and in-app advertisements, there are a number of options available to the market through, as well as the most effective medium for it garners constant exposure.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential in the technologically advanced century. In this day and age, attractive and credible content/ services drive a business. Companies are now at a risk of bad publicity as a result of less than optimal product/ service experience. Digital marketing through SEO has become an integral part of society for many companies, due to the fact that information relay from peers, YouTube gurus and other forms of media plays a crucial role in customer’s spending habits. Customers’ demands are ever changing and the current market trend dictates that, customizable, relatable and trust worthy options are highly sought after.

Search engine optimization is becoming a need with the passage of time as there is an ever increasing increase of internet users, within the last 3-4 years it is estimated that adult internet users increased by 5%. Consumer spending habits have also driven digital marketing up into of the most lucrative fields; customers are no longer paying as much attention to physical marketing. Technological advancement has made is incredibly hard to bypass the outer layer of focus of the general public.

Difference of Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing differs greatly from its traditional counterpart in many ways. Digital marketing focuses on turning to multiple avenues, to find the current market trends, the in’s and out’s, what is selling and what is not among other things. This helps curate a comprehensive report and analyzes marketing campaigns to make them most impactful. The magic bullet of marketing, so to speak. This is typically done in real time, which makes it one of the major and stark contrasts, when compared to traditional marketing.

Challenges in Digital Marketing

Advertisers and those in the marketing sector are facing a number of challenges, some include;

  • Information Over Stimulation
  • Extreme Competition

Information Over Stimulation

There is too much information out onto the digital platform and some of it has been written out of spit, wrong or written in ignorance. It is essential to curate information, posts and update content which is comprehensive and informative, while at the same time search engine optimized.

Extreme Competition

Extreme competition has overridden the marketing industry. With rising prices, digital marketing has become a cheaper and more effective alternative to attract viewer attention and provides a platform for creators from all walks of life and financial backgrounds/ capabilities to employ digital marketing tactics to attract benefits. Due to the increase of creators in the digital sector, companies are now under fire of not remaining ‘current’. Thus competition and SEO manipulation have become a leading issue in the digital marketing sector.

Keys to Digital Marketing Success

In order to succeed in the marketing sector, there are a number of steps and concepts to follow, they include;

  1. Management of good customer relations by providing good customer support.
  2. Offers of customizable options/ changes for products and services available.
  3. Inclusion, diversity and variety in digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an integral part of digital marketing, it is an essential piece of the puzzle, without which campaigns and marketing strategies will have a hard time sticking. With anything repetition is key and an automated marketing feature builds revenue by measuring results and ROI. It aids marketing experts in understanding what marketing campaigns are responded well to and increases business and aids in reaching audience at a a broader scale.

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