Buzzstream is a marketing tool based software which is designed specifically to manage digital PR work, SEO link building a Dover all content promotion. It has automated a lot of hassle of daily to-dos and work by introducing tools to handle the following components. They include;

  • Research.
  • Email addresses hunt.
  • Follow – up emails and time management
  • Reply rate tracking.

Not only are these daily to-dos managed, but Buzzstream also offers the benefits of spreadsheets and Google tabs + Gmail under one roof but providing a linked and built, SEO based software.

Features of Buzzstream

There are a number of features that Buzzstream offers, it has made managing daily tasks, automated ease. It includes;

  • Easy Search
  • Finding Contact Information
  • Templates
  • Link Monitoring

Easy Search

It allows for an easy research experience when it comes to finding people to push content to. It aids in digital PR work, and encompasses all the grunt work associated with content promotion and link building.

Not only that but it has made building links to sites a thing of the past, previously, to create links, manual cutting, and pasting of website pages onto spreadsheets for later evaluation was a time-consuming task. However, with the ‘Discovery’ tab feature, it becomes a one-click task to find experts in the field, who have written about the creator’s content. Once people who have written about the writer’s content, are identified, they can be added to “Add to a project”.  Influencers and blogger content can be categorized into the following filter system, namely; number of twitter followers, last activity, domain authority, all categories and location based.  It is important to note

however that the ‘last activity’ based filtering system does show errors and lists people who have not written about the content in question in ages. The “Any Last Activity” can be further narrowed down to those who have written in the past month, week or year.

Finding Contact Information

To find an email address to pitch a selected service to, Buzzstream offers one of two ways to find contact information on clients. It can be done either by installing “BuzzMarker”, a chrome extension which allows users to find data. It further gives people the opportunity to see their team’s history and relationship with influencers and other content creators with ease. This provides a database for understanding the relationships between the people and their content by creating a little black book.  It works by automatically scanning sites for valid email addresses.

This feature is a great option for cross-referencing and finding sites which may sit right with the creator’s campaign initiative and instead of finding a prospective site and cross-referencing to find whether or not that influencer is already working with a campaigner, BuzzMarker provides all that information with a single click.


BuzzMarker, and just about any other outreach template tool allows you to send emails through their database, what makes sending emails through BuzzMarker most appropriate, is that the extension allows users to save the templates to the database for future use. This saves a lot of hassle and speeds up the emailing process quite a bit. In cases where the mailing address of sender information is different, users can add custom fields. It allows tracking of almost every bit of the prospective website in question. It allows for complete automated tracking of open rates, response rare and information on which templates performed the best. This service allows instant access to all user information, from their entire media profiles to the websites they write for.

Link Monitoring

In most cases when website links are mentioned, users do reply back, however, in cases where responses are delayed, there is a link monitoring feature that is offered by Buzzstream. Link monitoring scans the given website to check whether or not they have linked to the user after the email goes through, users can further automate the search according to their needs. From any URL domain to specific or those containing paths. The sites automatically update every 2 weeks.


  • Makes finding information a hassle-free process.
  • Sets up outreach campaigns with ease.
  • Curates templates and offers options to save and edit them right on the marketing tool.
  • A helpful initiative by introducing BuzzMarker.
  • Timely reporting features.
  • Outreach management in one easy to reach a place.
  • Great pricing and plans.
  • Good customer support.
  • Link building tools.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • UI issues.
  • No built – in campaigns.
  • Out of date results.

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