Atlassian provides tools which allow companies to align and sort information, as well as communicate with members in their workplace, in a systematic and well-developed manner. It allows for the seamless and easy transfer of valuable information related to business ventures. It operates as a task assignment site, which allows businesses to organize, curate, assign and create work. Atlassian powers about 125,000+ companies, worldwide, including Airbnb, Cisco, eBay, etc.

It makes collaborative work easier and eliminates communication gaps among coworkers. With the tools provided by the company, users and businesses can sort their information on one platform, information which would otherwise get lost in their inboxes, or other data saving tools.

Atlassian Enterprise

Atlassian Enterprise is a specific venture which deals in providing business solutions for critical products; they further offer premier support and other services which deal with strategizing services. They further provide users premier support from their long list of offered applications. They offer flexibility for all teams. With two options data center & cloud (SaaS). A data center is optimized for scale and is a great option for teams, whereas a cloud (SaaS) is preferred for its speeds in implementation, maintenance ease and easy access to the latest and grandest features.  Fortune 500’s 2/3 users rely on and trust their services. They advertise an ‘always-on’ feature where products are constantly available, regardless of the day or time. Not only that, but the company offers an independent organizational system, where maintaining content is easy and fast. They offer a number of services and a strong network aid, they include;

  1. Technical account management
  2. Atlassian support
  3. Atlassian partner’s solution

Technical Account Management

It consists of advisers who provide proactive planning and other guidance for strategic maneuvers, pertaining to business ventures and their management.

Atlassian Support

It offers users access to engineers directly to solve all support and technical problems. It further offers assistance with management services as well.

Atlassian Partner’s Solution

It offers many support needs which include, and are not limited to; consulting and implementation tactics.

Atlassian Marketplace

The company offers an application store where users can find a wide array of applications that can be used to help manage work tasks. They offer three categories to look into, monitoring, themes & styles, and customer support. There are other products mentioned in the staff’s picks section as well as a section for displaying their newer applications, alongside which, the trending, and most downloaded are also included.


Data is easier to manipulate, organize and create with the tools provided, they include; Jira Software, Bitbucket, Confluence, Sourcetree, Trello, Bamboo, Statuspage, Opsgenie, etc.

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